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Aug. 23rd, 2025 09:14 pm
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Aug. 24th, 2015 11:55 pm
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i, for one, am VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD to embarking on this dreamwidth journey with y'all. while tumblr is still very useful for disseminating information quickly, admiring beautiful graphics and fanart, and communicating via askbox/fanmail---not to mention the huge population that works/plays/shares there---there are just some things that cannot be accomplished easily through tumblr. i think creating and maintaining a tight-knit community happens to be one of those things.

our hope for picking dreamwidth back up out of the gutter is to create a semi-private space for sorta-like-minded individuals with similar interests, where we can participate in discussion, analysis, fanart, fanfiction, and other bits of fandom-sharing without worrying about spamming dashes or losing track of threads.

many of you have created a brand new dreamwidth account or revived an old one, and some of us (myself included) are still reacquainting ourselves with how this set-up works! to get started, why don't we...

name/what you would like us to call you
age, if you feel like sharing
current fandoms
preferred ships
what are you hoping to get out of this dreamwidth adventure?
post at least one recommendation for any of the following:
(1) fanfiction story/author
(2) fanart/fanartist
(3) music/song/playlists/fanmix
(4) another tumblr/DW user you love to follow!
anything else you would like to share ~

i'll post below to get started. 

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 after some serious reminiscing over skype with [personal profile] heartuphigh  ([ profile] dragonsinparis) last monday, i've decided to give this livejournal/dreamwidth business another shot.

although tumblr is great for many things, it just isn't conducive to community-building the same way that livejournal once was. and since livejournal isn't quite what it used to be, dreamwidth is our next best option. some of the old livejournal users have already transitioned here, and this account itself is actually at least three years old--but now i'm hoping to actually settle in and grow some roots. 

here's to some legitimate fandom discussion, fanfic sharing, and ficathons!


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