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Aug. 23rd, 2025 09:14 pm
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kris. grad student who works three part-time jobs while earning a master’s degree and who also happens to like writing fanfiction. i’ve been writing fanfiction since i was twelve-years-old and will one day finish a novel of my own.

when i’m not studying, working, or writing for fun, i’m probably hanging out with my boyfriend of six years, suffering heart palpitations over buying my first home, running marathons, kayaking, rock climbing, working out, singing poorly, or learning my newest obsession—archery. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

if you’ve followed me for longer than twenty seconds, you probably know that i love wine (and coffee) and that i’ll ship just about any pairing. in myers-briggs speak, i am estj. ♡

i love making new friends and meeting new people, so don't be shy about commenting and adding to the conversation threads!
  • if we are already mutuals and/or have had lengthy conversations via tumblr or ao3 or twitter, then i will definitely add you back!
  • if you are brand new, please please please don't take it personally if i take a little while to reciprocate! i like to know the people in my community before giving them access. :) my personal posts will be access-list only! it helps if we run in the same fandoms and have similar interests, but i'm open to anything!
  • if you're brand new, please leave a little bit about yourself on this post when you add me so i can get to know you.
 please comment to be added to my circle! ♥ 
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Date: 2015-08-24 08:04 am (UTC)
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I've finally finished panicking over whether or not my journal theme looks dorky.
It does but I've stopped caring, and I'm now ready to fangirl and overanalyze fandom stuff!!

...Except this time, I won't be alone while doing it! Yessssssss.


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